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MADverse is a one-stop digital platform for everything from music distribution to promotion, and performance.


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We make music distribution, promotion, and community-building tech enabled to give you the freedom to "Drop It Yourself"


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Music creates ripples throughout the globe. Artists can now collaborate with someone who is even 5000 miles away, and bringing them close is our job. Our algorithm finds recommendations for different artists according to their niche and their taste in music.


What does the press say?

Madverse joins forces with Lost Stories Academy to help aspiring students achieve success in the independent music scene

MADverse has collaborated with Lost Stories Academy, India's premier Electronic Music Production and DJ School. This partnership will prove instrumental in advancing Madverse's mission of democratizing the independent music scene and enabling artists to claim control over their creations.

MADverse integrates to enable seamless music mastering for independent artists

This integration will allow musicians and artists across boundaries and genres to master by leveraging advanced music mastering functionality available through, including industry-leading API-based audio treatment and limiting technology, and stereo enhancement capabilities.

Count On Community: Inside A Homegrown Platform Empowering Independent Artists

The Indian music industry is witnessing an emergence of independent artists who are producing original content, exploring and experimenting with diverse genres, and creating authentic, individual sounds. MADverse has stepped in as the first Indian company to focus solely on empowering independent artists.

MADverse launches as a platform for artists to build a community and collaborate with musicians worldwide

MADverse aims to help artists connect, collaborate, and create with their peers beyond physical boundaries, providing them with a platform to get discovered in new regions and cross-pollinate fans across different genres

The first Indian company to focus solely on empowering independent artists and providing them with 360° services.

The platform offers complete transparency throughout the distribution process, enabling artists to track their earnings and split royalties with proper credit to their collaborators

MADverse partners with Indian Music Diaries to modernise the independent music scene in India

"With Indian Music Diaries, we have found a partner who shares our passion for empowering artists and providing them with the tools they need to succeed." - Rohan Jain, CEO & Founder, Madverse


Joining hands to make noise

AI Dolby Mastering

Master Tracks Online in collaboration with, one of the world's biggest audio tech company.

Lost Stories

Educating the next generation of artists in collaboration with Lost Stories Academy, India's primary Music School.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does MADverse do?

MADverse helps artists in digital distribution, promotion and marketing of their music. We also provide our artists with tech enabled features such as royalty splits at source, data & analytics and much more.

How can I sign up on MADverse?

Our beta is live now! You can sign in via Google from this link.
And don’t worry, even though we’re in Beta Mode right now, all of our features are live and you can release music and collect royalties!

How long does it take for my release to get delivered to the stores?

MADverse Star users can select a custom release date as early as 7 days into the future and MADverse Rise users can also select a custom release date 14 days into the future.

We at MADverse review every release that is sent to us according to the guidelines provided by the digital streaming platforms. We ensure all content is in place so it has a higher chance of getting accepted without any delay. However, if there is any issue, we will reach out to you and get it resolved at the earliest. You can check the status of your release under the “My Releases” tab on your dashboard.

What is the difference between MADverse Rise and MADverse Star?

MADverse Star is our premium plan which offers a bunch of cool features. Check out the comparison here.Also, did we mention that distribution is free on our platform?

Can I distribute cover songs?

You can distribute cover songs as long as the proper license is obtained. We do not provide the required license as of now.

When will my royalty amount get credited?

MADverse issues payments and statements on a monthly basis. In order to collect payments, you must provide up-to-date payment information (including bank details) from your profile section in your dashboard. Your balance will remain active on your account until payments are cashed out.

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