May 29, 2024

Decoding User Generated Playlisting

Let’s talk about how artists can benefit from this leap forward in music promotion and harness the power of : User Generated Playlisting. ‍

Decoding User Generated Playlisting

User Generated Content has completely transformed how we as users interact and consume content. It has caused a complete shift in power dynamics where fans or music consumers are not passive spectators but active participants and ambassadors of an artist’s musical journey. 

Let’s talk about how artists can benefit from this leap forward in music promotion and harness the power of : User Generated Playlisting. 

User Generated playlisting refers to playlists made by the users of a platform and in recent years have acted as an excellent source for music discovery for music lovers all around the world. These playlists are usually sorted by mood, genre and are specifically curated by brands, influencers, artists or even music connoisseurs who use these playlists as a medium to introduce their unique audience to fresh artists and songs. 

Besides music discovery, user generated playlisting can have a lot of benefits for an artist, some of which include;

  1. Targeted Marketing : Followers of User generated Playlists usually have a specific preference of music/genre which they prefer. A feature in these playlists gives the artist a direct access to that fan community

  1. International audience : User Generated playlists are an extremely efficient way to access a more diverse and international audience depending on the reach and audience insights of the playlist. 

  1. Higher Volume of Streams : The reach and quality of a listener playlist has a direct impact on the volume of streams on the song and subsequently the overall listener (total and monthly) count on the artist profile. 

The question naturally arises, How can an artist know for sure that these playlists are genuine and do not commit streaming fraud? The answer is: to go with trusted partners who value transparency and an artist friendly approach. 

Madverse has recently partnered up with Groover to make sure all the independent artists and their tracks can explore their full potential. Groover allows you to send your music to a selection of 3,000+ blogs, radios, playlist curators, record labels and industry professionals to get your music heard, receive guaranteed feedback and get coverage. As a Madverse Star member, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount on your first promotion campaign. 

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