April 14, 2022

Uncovering the vision and mission behind MADverse

MADverse is a one-stop platform for artists to distribute, promote, and monetise their releases making them truly independent.

Uncovering the vision and mission behind MADverse

The music industry is notoriously challenging for independent artists, who are often in need of the support and resources they need to succeed. Major record labels frequently make artists sign contracts that limit their creative freedom and control, leaving them feeling trapped and unable to fully express themselves. In India, despite an abundance of musical talent, many artists still need assistance to succeed and gain international recognition.

MADverse, a homegrown artists' service platform with a focus on empowering independent artists, understands these struggles all too well. Founded by Rohan Jain, whose love for independent music led him to his journey of learning the harsh realities of major record labels. During his time in Los Angeles, he spoke to 100s of people, learned, networked, and came to a realisation that the majority of independent musicians are dispersed between different platforms and services to manage their careers. This gap between independent artists and the music industry at large led to the creation of MADverse.

At the heart of MADverse's mission is the belief that artists should own their masters and maintain complete creative control over their music. Through its tech-first platform, MADverse provides artists with the tools and resources they need to distribute and promote their music on their own terms. With complete transparency throughout the process, artists can track their earnings and split royalties with proper credit to their collaborators.

"Our goal is to provide independent artists with the opportunity to own their masters, maintain complete creative control over their music, and distribute it on their own terms. We believe that transparency and decentralisation are essential to achieving this goal, and we are proud to be the first Indian company to offer 360° services to independent artists." ~ Rohan Jain, CEO

Our Mission:  Building a tech-first Artists’ Service Platform

A platform that supports artists with tools driven by the best-in-class technology. We are here to empower artists with the freedom of earning their true worth and creating a community to cross-pollinate fans across the globe.

But MADverse is more than just a music distribution platform – it's a community where artists can support each other and grow together. By fostering collaboration and cross-pollination of fans across the globe, MADverse is breaking down the barriers that have traditionally separated independent artists and giving them a chance to shine. Artists also get access to tools that help them promote their releases. From public releases to pitching their tracks to major editorial playlists, they can do it all under one roof.

"At MADverse, we strive to foster collaborations and facilitate growth through technology. Our platform empowers artists with education, freedom, and effective marketing tools to achieve their goals and expand their fanbase." ~ Moksh Arya, Artists relation manager

Our Vision: Creating a global community of Independent Artists

It’s time to break the boundaries by making the world of music accessible to every artist. Our goal is to provide one-stop access to all major label services to make artists truly independent.

"At the heart of our platform is a focus on the Artist, driving every product decision we make. Our goal is to deliver a revolutionary product that combines sleek design, functionality, and lightning-fast performance through innovative technology." ~ Ronish Sawal, Product Design Lead

With its bold vision and passionate approach, MADverse is here to shake up the music industry and give independent artists a chance to thrive. If you're a musician looking to take control of your own career, MADverse is the place to be. So join the community today and discover the future of independent music.

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